Let me tell you

a bit about me 

I’m Shanon, a freelance make up artist & creative designer from Amsterdam. I learned the techniques at the D. Peeters institute in Amsterdam.  Artists like Ellis Faas, M. vd Ven and Xelly Cabau started their carreers here. Their philosophy is based on the vision of  Mr. Kevin Aucoin. One of the most influential makeup artist in Hollywood back the day. Aucoin worked for brands like  Vogue, Revlon, Shiseido (Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss). Natural beauty and  flawless looks.

When I was young, I used to sketch all the time. Drawing faces and eyes, carrying a sketchbook around. I entered a graphic design school and have worked  as a visual designer in my carreer. The face is like a blank canvas to me, there is a cooenction to drawing and creating.

Currently I work as  a freelancer for various brands, studios and photographers and combine my experience and network in creative media with shoots. How I work?  I usually make a moodboard or stylesheet first for a client to get the right idea of what’s wanted or what I feel is the best look for a shoot.


make up & goods

I’m trying t work with as many organic and safe products from a collection, or mineral based.
make up: Mac Cosmetics, Kryolan, Chanel, Visign, Kiko,  Laura Mercier
cleansers: Kiehl’s, Biotherm, Naiif
moisturizing: Embryolisse, Squalan,Kiehls, Sleepy Lush (lavender night)
perfume: anything from Chanel, fave is Chanel Allure
hair products: Kevin Murphy, Maroccan Oil,  Kerastase, Dr. Organic, Balmain, Lush

have any tips? Feel free to share!


food & drinks

lunch & coffee:  Coffee Virus, Dish aan de Kade, Hangar, Monk, Public Space, Mok & More (Amsterdam Noord)
food: teppanyaki-japanese, truffel risotto, pinxchos & tapas, cheese platter
drinks: water 🙂 spritz, passionfruit martini, nikka from the barrel,  cava, coffee with oatmilk
cities: Prague, Barcelona, Sitges, Javea,  Bangkok, Canggu, Kuala Lumpur


So  divers; Radiohead, Fat Freddys Drop, JP Cooper,  Royksopp, Lion Babe, Childish Gambino, Billie Eilish, Bruno Major, Billie Holiday, Mos Def, James Bay, The Internet (band), Frank Ocean  🎶